This site is intended as a guide for both industry participants and end users.  The methodology of installing Fire Detection systems in South Africa is well documented under formal guidelines issued by SABS called SANS10139.  Many end users are going to the expense of having detection systems installed and are assuming that they are being installed to code. At the same time there are many installers of security and fire systems that are installing in good faith but are ignorant to the fact that there is a well documented installation code of practice. This has to be adhered to both from a legal requirement as they are installing a life safety system and from a commercial requirement as a end user does not have insurance cover if their system is proven not to be installed to code in the event of a claim.

We are not trying to formally publish or reword the entire of SANS10139 here but simply identify major aspects of the standard and present them in a way in which even an end user can determine if their system is installed correctly. In all post within this website there is an area to comment and simply create a user name and feel free to comment on all or individual posts. Please refrain from using brand names and company names as we are trying to provide an accurate formal guide and not yet another product placement website. All posts and replies are reviewed before approval and will not be approved if they contain inaccurate, product placements  or non-productive comments.

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